Veterans Capital Fund (VCF)

is an alternative to venture capital investing. VCF is for accredited investors who want the following from their investments:
• Monthly payments which include both principal returned and 8% per annum interest
• Valuable collateral to reduce investment risk
• Depreciation benefits to protect income
• Prospective 20% Fair Market Value Buyout
• 7-year warrants to participate in the exit strategy of our Lessees
Click here for a 2-minute VCF video


Welcome to ASC LLC

ASC is a specialized investment firm that focuses on venture capital financing for U.S. entrepreneurs. We will not offer an opportunity to you in which we are not invested ourselves.

Venture capital can be an attractive asset class for sophisticated, accredited investors seeking higher incremental yields within alternative investments. Venture Capital remains the life blood of job creation and revenue growth for our country. And Venture Capital provides one of the 6 main asset classes within alternative investment.

While America has seen its lead diminish in a number of economic sectors, entrepreneurialism and the American dream are alive and well in our country. Our job at ASC is to vet some of the best startups that we can possibly uncover, seek out those companies that are both 6-18 months from becoming cash-flow positive and a high likelihood of hockey-stick type growth thereafter, and do everything we possibly can do to help that entrepreneur reach their milestones.